New legends will rise


Insomnia Masters i65: Bulldog Esports
NSE Summer League: ChampionClub (University of Exeter)
Belong Arena Clash SU19: Belong Steelers (Teesside)
ArenaGG: Barrage: RHE


Main Event: 30th September – 23rd October
Promo/Relegation: 30th Oct. – 1st Nov.


£10,000 prize pool
+ two spots in promotion and relegation to the UK League Championship

Welcome to FORGE OF CHAMPIONS, the premier UK League of Legends tournament where rising champions are created, challenged, and celebrated.

Whether you are a group of five friends, a seasoned pro team, or just want to see legends being made, FoC is the place for you.

  • What is forge of champions?

    A prize pool of £10,000 will be up for grabs during the tournament!

    Forge of Champions is a League of Legends competition organised by Riot Games and LVP for the United Kingdom and Ireland. The tournament will end in Promotion and Relegation of the UKLC.

    • FoC will feature two online Open Tournaments. These tournaments will span over two weekends in September and result in two qualifying teams for each week.

    • A team may play in both the qualifying tournaments if they don’t qualify in the first. The four teams that move forward will have a chance to test their strength against teams from the UKLC!

  • Open tournaments


    • Registration is open for any UK or Irish team that fulfils the registration criteria. You can also sign up as an individual!
    • However, only the 128 teams with the highest average Solo Queue rank in each qualifying tournament will be selected to compete.


    • Teams will match up in best-of-1 matches in a single-elimination bracket.
    • The top two from each Open Tournament will progress to the Main Event
  • Main event

    In the Main Event, all games are best-of-3. Each team will be competing for both prize money and tournament survival so every match counts!

    • The top four teams from the Open Tournaments will move forward to challenge the gauntlet, starting with teams that placed 6th-9th in the UKLC.
    • The winners of those matches will play the teams that finished 2nd-5th in the UKLC. The winner of the bracket final then enters the Grand Final, against the winner of the UKLC—Fnatic Rising!
  • Prizes

    Main Event Placement prizes plus £500 for each team that qualifies to the Main Event from the open tournaments
    Final standing Prize
    1st £ 2,350
    2nd £ 1,750
    3rd £ 1,400
    4th/5th £ 900
    6th/7th/8th/9th £ 462.50
    10th/11th/12th/13th £ 212.50
    • All participants in the Main Event and the Promotion Tournament will earn cash prizes dependent on their placing.
    • The Promotion Tournament awards £500 to each of the two teams that qualify for the next split of the UKLC, while losing teams are granted £125 each.

Main Event




  • Is anyone in the UK/Ireland allowed to participate in the competition?

    Any UK or Ireland team is allowed to apply for the Open Stage of each qualifying tournament. All players who register on time and follow the regulation rules (being at least 16 years of age and being part of a team of at least 5-10 members) may participate in this stage.

    A team is considered to be of the UK or Ireland if 3 of 5 of the starting roster for each game is a resident of any of these countries.

  • How do I register for the tournaments?

    Registration to the qualifying tournaments is open from mid-September and will be available until 2 hours before each tournament. To register, use the button above.

  • What happens if my team qualifies for the Main Event?

    Teams that qualify for the main event will play in a Best-of-3, all marches will be played on Tournament Realm. All matches will be broadcasted.

  • How can my team make it into Promotion tournament?

    The seeding of the Promotion/Relegation will take place as follows:

    • 1st Place from Open 1 vs 2nd Place from Open 2
    • 2nd Place from Open 1 vs 1st Place from Open 1

    These games will be Best of One and played in a simple double elimination bracket, without a grand final. Qualifying from the Upper Final will provide Seed #1, Qualifying from the Lower Final will provide Seed#2

  • What are the Main Event dates?

    The Main Event will follow this calendar:
    Main Event Round 1: 30th September – 1st October
    Main Event Round 2: 9th – 10th October
    Main Event Round 3: 22nd October
    Main Event Round 4 & Finals: 23rd October
    Promotion/Relegation: 29th October – 1st November

  • Where can I find the Qualifying Tournaments' Regulation?

    Just at the end of this page, you will find a link to the Regulation, on top of the Terms of Use, next to our social media.