You are still on time! Register!

Only 3 days are left for Forge of Champions to start. If you have a team and want to compete in order to grab a part of the £50,000 prize pool and a spot for the European Masters this is your opportunity. Compete against the best teams in the UK, enter the forge and demonstrate what metal you are made of.

We have seen that many players want to participate but cannot manage to find a team by themselves. Given that, we invite you to use the hashtag #ForgeOfChampionsTeam to find other players and complete your roster.

Once you have your team you will just need to go to, click on “Join Now” and then “Register Here”. You and the rest of your team will have to create a profile in order to participate, including your LoL account in the register. Once that is done, the one player who will act as the Team Captain will have to create the team and add the other players to said team. Done that, the Captain will have to go back to and click on “Preregistration”.

Make sure not to miss our tutorial on registering in case you prefer a more visual explanation of the steps previously mentioned.

The day of the tournament the Captain will need to check in between 5pm and 6pm. After this period finishes, 10-15 minutes later the brackets will appear. It is the Captain’s responsibility to make sure the rest of the team is ready to participate.

In case that any doubt or problem arises we are always ready to help through our Twitter account @LVPuk.