Here’s your second chance

The first tournament of Forge of Champions has been a success and it’s all thanks to you. The UK scene has shown a lot of promise. Let’s keep up with the good work and show the world what a great community we are.

Did you not play because you did not have a team? Now you can! We are introducing a new team-making system that matches you with other 4 players of similar level. This system will also allow teams to complete their roster as long as they don’t have a full line-up.

So from now on it won’t be necessary to create a team to participate. Nonetheless, we always recommend that you gather some mates and make your own team in order to have the most fun.

Registrations for the second Qualifying Tournament have already started and will last until July 6th. Remember that this tournament will grant more points than the previous one, meaning that new teams still have chances to end up in the Grand Final, competing for a spot at the European Masters representing the UK and a part of the £50,000 prize pool.

Finally, we want to invite you to enjoy Forge of Champions live on June 27th–28th and July 4th–5th with the broadcast of the final matches on our Twitch channel: