Summer is here, temperatures are high and we know you all enjoy diving into the pool. But we also know you like spending your free time playing League of Legends, so why not try mixing both?

We were discussing which Pool Party champion would be the most useful companion on a desert island and why, but couldn’t reach a clear conclusion, so we decided to ask the community for answers. The three people with the best answers will all receive the three new Pool Party skins.

Here’s how you can get involved:

– Register and play in this week’s tournament
– Follow us on @LVPuk
– Answer the question posed on Twitter with the hashtag #PoolPartyFoC (check the tweet)

The contest has already started and we are eager to see your responses. If you are among the three best and most original answers that we receive before August 6th, you will be awarded a pack with the three newest Pool Party Skins to join your collection.

Winners will be announced during the FoC broadcast on Wednesday 8th August. Be sure to follow the stream on our Twitch channel:

And do not forget that stakes are high in Forge of Champions now that we are reaching the end of the Qualifying Tournaments. Soon we will know who will obtain the first EU Masters spot and who will take part in the Grand Finals.

Sign up here!

You can read the full terms and conditions of the contest here.